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Bella Hadid’s Equestrian Look Will Make You Pony Up In 2019

Bella Hadid is fashion’s newest poster child, and literally nobody is complaining. Her cheekbones could slice cheese, her legs are longer than our attention spans and her style is absolutely cutting-edge. She’s our go-to for all things street style, and we’d never wear a pair of hoops without consulting her Instagram first. It’s just how the world works in 2018.

In 2019, we’re dead set on recreating her looks. From that super-deliberate side part all the way down to her knee-high boots (which would probably go up to our throats), this girl knows what’s in at any given time. And, therefore, so do we.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

If you’ve never heard of Vogue, then… LOL. But if you’ve never heard of Vogue‘s “73 Questions” miniseries, bigger LOL. Because a) it’s so hot right now, and b) it’s already featured pretty much the entire A-list. It’s only natural that Bella Hadid would be featured to close out the year.

It’s literally mandatory that you watch the video. As usual, Hadid’s hair and makeup are something to aspire to—but her outfit is on another level. The supermodel wears a white button-down with a flared collar (so edgy—why didn’t we think of that?), and her show coat is flawlessly tailored. A pair of form-fitting riding pants is the object of our obsessive desire, and black, knee-high riding boots coordinate with a miniature black-and-gold Gucci logo belt. In short, the look is stunning.

Since it’s likely that her outfit costs upwards of a gazillion dollars, there’s absolutely no chance we can afford it. However, we are extremely supportive of the edgy, tailored, prepster vibe of the look, so we’ve decided to make it a theme for 2019. In order to do so, we’re gonna have to knock the price down a few zeros.

Luckily, we’re expert shoppers.

Below, shop (a version of) Bella’s “73 Questions” outfit. Get the equestrian look without straddling a horse. Do it for 2019.


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