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Bella Hadid is a ‘90s Mall Dream in Leopard and Camo

If you spent your tweens hanging out at the mall, popping into stores like Claire’s, Limited Too, and—if you dared—Hot Topic, Bella Hadid is here to transport you back to those glory days. On Monday, the 24-year-old supermodel shared a look at one of her most late ‘90s-slash-early-Y2K outfits yet—and that’s saying something, given that she’s lately been sporting throwbacks like chunky sneakers, rectangular sunglasses, and butterfly hair clips.

Continuing to embrace the big pants, little tops trend, Hadid paired a red cropped babydoll tee featuring a cheetah-print heart with baggy camouflage bottoms. The combo makes her perhaps the second person ever to pull off such a look—the first, of course, being Amber from Clueless. Vintage as the ensemble may appear, the throwback-style designs actually stem from the present day: The top is by UNIF, while Hadid’s clunky foam slip-ons are by 1017-ALYX-9SM, the luxury streetwear label founded by Matthew Williams of Givenchy. As for her seemingly DIY flame-covered earring in the shape of a regular ole key, the accessory is actually an $80 design by the Mexican jewelry designer Georgina Trevino.

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