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‘Bachelor’ Fans Think They Know Who Peter Has Sex With During Fantasy Suites

Warning: Possible spoilers for The Bachelor season 24 ahead. Bachelor Nation, some of you may want to cover your ears for this one. Bachelor Fantasy Suites 2020 spoilers hint that Peter and Hannah Ann have sex.

Here’s how we know: In the Fantasy Suites episode, Peter can be seen making out with someone naked against a glass door. It’s unclear if Peter has sex with this person, but a voiceover reveals that he has been intimate with at least one contestant on The Bachelor, so it may be Steamy Glass Door Woman. As Reddit users note, the woman behind the glass door is the same woman that Peter is naked in bed with later in the preview because of details in the hotel room.

Now, there’s also a scene where a Peter makes out with another woman in a red room. It’s hard to tell whether they have sex (both are clothed), but it’s clear that the red room isn’t the same room as the glass door kiss, so Reddit users can cross that contestant off the list of Peter’s steamy shower makeout partners. So who is the red room woman? Well, Reddit users point out that the woman in the red room is wearing the same shoes that Victoria F. wore at the Hometown Dates rose ceremony, which means that there’s a 99 percent chance it’s her. Given Peter and Victoria F.’s heated argument over claims that she homewrecked her friends’ relationships, it makes sense that Peter wouldn’t want to go all the way with her. (Though we don’t know that for sure. This is the sex-in-a-windmill-four-times guy we’re talking about.)

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That leaves us with Hannah Ann or Madison as the steamy makeout partner. Given that Madison has been clear that she’s saving herself for marriage, there’s a high-key chance that it’s not her. (Unless she and Peter marry real fast and go back to their hotel room to do it.) This leaves us with Hannah Ann, whom Peter has had a connection with since day one.

As Peter reveals in the preview, he’s had sex with at least one contestant. So that contestant could very well be Hannah Ann. And given that Madison tells him that she’s not sure she could continue with their relationship if he has sex with someone else, we’re sure Peter’s affair with Hannah Ann will sure lead to a messy finale. Oh, joy.


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