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Ashley Graham Responds to Claim She’s Killing People by ‘Making Fat Cool’

Ashley Graham is a pro at shutting down haters, from those who shame her for working out to people who call her “not a real model” because of her size. So when a man told her that she was killing people by “making fat look cool,” the 30-year-old model was unfazed and came armed with a clap back.

Graham recalled the interaction in an interview with Glamour U.K., where she explained that it isn’t her mission to make anything look cool except for confidence. “There is one guy who said to me, ‘Stop making fat look cool, you are going to kill somebody,’” Graham said. “The teachable moment there is that I am not making anything cool except for confidence and people feeling great about themselves.

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The model, who recently launched a size-inclusive clothing collection with Pretty Little Thing, went on to explain that she isn’t promoting one specific body type, but instead, she’s trying to communicate that all bodies, regardless of their shape and size, are beautiful.

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“I think for someone to look at me and place me in a box is very small-minded,” Graham said. “Yeah, I’ve got fat and I have got lots of it, but I am not sitting here saying that fat is cool; what I am saying is that you are cool no matter how large or small you are.

Hear, hear!


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