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Ashley Benson Just Took the Suit Dress to a Whole New Level at the Balmain PFW Show

As I’m sure most of you have noticed, suits are one of the reigning trends of 2020 so far. After dominating the year 2019, suiting has become even more prevalent—If that’s even possible—in the new decade. With each trend, though, comes offshoots and variations on a theme. For instance, fashionistas and celebrities have been wearing their suits in dress form, combining both the classic silhouettes of a suit and mini dress. A perfect example of this new trend is the outfit Ashley Benson wore at Balmain’s Paris Fashion Week show on Friday. And not only did the actress wear this trend, but she brought it to an entirely new level.

If I’m being honest, I’ve never been a huge fan of the suit dress trend. The combination has never excited me much, and I’d much rather see a unique suit or a gorgeous dress—not both turned into a kind of weird mash-up ensemble. That being said, Ashley Benson may have changed my mind. The suit/tuxedo dress Benson wore to the Balmain Paris Fashion Week show was so exquisite, I think I might just hop onto this trend train.

Ashley Benson

Laurent Vu/SIPA/Shutterstock.
Balmain show, Front Row, Fall Winter 2020, Paris Fashion Week, France – 28 Feb 2020

Featuring over-the-top buttons and shoulder-less sleeves, this suit dress was anything but average. Oftentimes suit dresses look unoriginal or boring—but not this one. This stunning dress featured a loose but not slouchy silhouette with the perfect air of playfulness. The expert tailoring and sexy (but not overtly sexy) aspects of the suit dress also played major roles in making this look one for the books. Plus, Ashley Benson just looked hot as hell in it.

Ashley Benson and Shailene Woodley

Laurent Vu/SIPA/Shutterstock.
Balmain show, Front Row, Fall Winter 2020, Paris Fashion Week, France – 28 Feb 2020

The actress was joined in the front row of Balmain’s show by myriad other celebrities, including Shailene Woodley. I couldn’t help but feel the teensiest wince of FOMO after seeing all the chic celebs attending this Paris Fashion Week runway, but at least I’ll always have the photos.


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