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Ariana Grande’s Ex-Boyfriend Has ‘No Hard Feelings’ After She Kissed Another Guy

They may have a song called “Boyfriend,” but Ariana Grande and Mikey Foster’s breakup reason shows that the couple wasn’t meant to be. HollywoodLife confirmed that the “Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored” singer, 26, and the Social House member, 32, have split after nine months of dating. A source told the site that the couple, who have known each other for years but didn’t start dating until June 2019, called off their relationship after they realized they were better as friends.

Ariana and Mikey were a fling that was fun but it wasn’t ever going to lead into something super serious,” the insider said. “Ariana really liked Mikey, but she wasn’t head over heels over. They were just enjoying their chemistry and tried to see if it could be more.”

The source explained that Ari and Mikey decided to split after they realized that their relationship would never become the romantic bond they expected it to be. “It ended up not being what they had thought would happen and they are totally cool about it,” the insider said. “They had fun and they are friends. No real drama to worry about. Hearts aren’t broken.”

HollywoodLife also reported that Mikey decided to end his relationship with Ari after she was photographed kissing another man at a California bar in February. “Mikey realized things were officially done between him and Ariana when he saw those photos of her making out with another guy,” a second source told the site.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

The insider claimed that Mikey knew that the mystery man wasn’t just a fling for Ari because her friend and “Thank U Next” collaborator Njomza was also at the bar.

“He knew things between Ariana and whoever that guy was had to mean something because he’s pretty sure Njomza was among the group of friends they were with,” the source said. “In [Mikey’s] eyes that meant Ariana was comfortable enough to allow him to hang with her inner circle. Mikey has no hard feelings though and he cares about Ariana no matter what. They’ve been friends for years and he will still work with her because he knows they make great music together. There’s no hard feelings on his end and it’s all positive vibes.”

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

All in all, there don’t seem to be any hurt feelings. Ari and Mikey may not be a couple anymore, but at least they have a smash hit called “Boyfriend” to remember their relationship by.


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