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Ariana Grande Is ‘Unbothered’ by Pete Davidson’s Comments About Her Brown Spray Paint Tan

Pete, who? Ariana Grande’s reaction to Pete Davidson’s shade during his Netflix standup special is the definition of “unbothered.” The SNL comedian decided to take a dig at his ex during his set, referencing her recent Vogue interview: “My career would be over tomorrow if I spray-painted myself brown and hopped on the cover of Vogue magazine and just started sh*tting on my ex,” he said. Despite the harsh observation, Ariana has chosen to turn the other cheek.

According to an exclusive source with HollywoodLife, “Ariana is unbothered by Pete’s jokes, she’s really not paying attention.”

After her shady Grammys 2020 performance, Ariana, 26, is focused on her work instead. While the source confirms that “she is working on new music so she could easily slip something into a song,” the “thank u next” singer’s reaction to Pete, 26, is not a priority. “As of now it’s not really impacting her so it’s not likely it will make it into her music,” the source says.

They added, “Right now she’s in a really good headspace and really isn’t interested in any kind of negativity. She’s enjoying life and focusing on all the great stuff in her life.”

And there is plenty else going on to distract her. In Feb. 2020, Ariana was spotted making out with a mystery man at a bar. Who needs Pete, when you’ve got a new boo? Not only that—according to HollywoodLife’s source, Ari’s too busy enjoying her recent foray into acting, on Showtime’s Kidding series, to care.

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“She’s still on cloud nine over how great her episode of Kidding turned out,” the source says. “Getting to act alongside Jim Carrey [on Kidding], that was literally a dream come true and she’s so proud of how it turned out.”

As for Pete, the comedian is facing new changes in his own life. Recent rumors suggest that he’s taking a step back from SNL altogether, which makes sense given his recent struggles with mental health. Following his breakup with Ariana in Oct. 2018, Pete continued seeing other people. He entered a relationship with actress Kate Beckinsale, and when that didn’t work out, he started dating 18-year-old model, Kaia Gerber. But things fizzled out quickly between the pair after Pete decided he needed to seek treatment for his mental health. While his latest comedy special seems like a departure from that, let’s hope the star is getting the help he needs.


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