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Are Shital & Niraj Still Together From ‘Indian Matchmaking’? They ‘Feel Like Home’

If you have a knack for dating shows on streaming sites, you might be wondering if Shital and Niraj are still together from Indian Matchmaking season 3.

The premise of the show is as follows: “Matchmaker Sima Taparia guides clients in the U.S. and India in the arranged marriage process, offering an inside look at the custom in a modern era.” Some couples will go all the way but some have trials and tribulations in the process.

On her methods of matchmaking, she told People, “I have a unique way of working. I don’t work for any client with whom, personally, I don’t have any eye contact. I go meet (them), see their house, how they are living. I see their business, I ask the criterias (for their match), all the definitions, what you want, what type of partner you want. When somebody gives me their biodata, I don’t accept without seeing (them in person). Without eye connection, I don’t feel like working and I don’t get the confidence. That’s my goodwill. That has taken me to the great heights.”

She also explained to NPR how marriages work in Indian culture.  “In India, we don’t say arranged marriage … there is marriage and then love marriage. The marriages, they are between two families. The two families have their reputation and many millions of dollars at stake. So, the parents guide the children, and [helping] that is the work of a matchmaker.”

Indian Matchmaking

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“One of the biggest misconceptions is that arranged marriage equals forced marriage,” creator of the series Smriti Mundhra told NPR. “The beauty of a lot of our cultural traditions is the elasticity of them. Yes, the traditional, textbook definition of arranged marriage is it’s arranged by two families. But in this modern era … the idea of arrangement is more about a recognition that marriage affects more than just the two people who are deciding to marry.”

Though Sima Aunty still has some surprises up her sleeves for the 2023 season. “In the third season, viewers will get to not only see my husband Anup, but my daughters, son-in-law, and beautiful granddaughter! Just as it is for my clients, my family has always been my biggest support system,” she said. So are Shital and Niraj still together from Indian Matchmaking season 3? Read down below to find out.

Are Shital and Niraj still together from Indian Matchmaking season 3?

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Status: Still together

The lovebirds of season 2 and season 3 Shital and Niraj are still together! The Edison, New Jersey native found the one with the Miami-based oncologist and choreographer. “I feel at home with my parents and my sisters, but I’ve never had that feeling of home with a significant other,” Shital told his S.O. in season 2. “And then, when I met you, I feel at home, and I feel safe. Like, home is with you.”

In a confessional, Shital gushed about her significant other, “I love him. I love him with my whole heart. I love him. I feel so incredibly lucky that I found him because it’s just the love that, like, I will never find this kind of love ever again. I’m just really happy.” Shital later opened up about how Niraj felt like home — something she’d never experienced outside of her own family. “If home with you is Miami, then… it’s Miami,” she told him, expressing her desire to start a family and have kids. “I’m just ear-to-ear smiling,” she gushed in a confessional scene. “I love him with my whole heart. … I will never find this kind of love ever again, so I’m really happy.” Niraj, for his part, also told producers he was “definitely in love” with Shital, something he joked was “cheesy and true as heck.”

The long-distance relationship had its ups and downs but they finally laid down the roots when Niraj asked Shital to move in with him to Miami. The two still share each other’s precious moments on social media and we can’t get enough.

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