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Are Matt & Frannie Still Together After Survivor? He Wasn’t ‘Prepared’ For Love

Showmance is the best romance? After a gnarly surprise elimination on season 44, many superfans are wondering: are Matt and Frannie still together after Survivor?

On episode seven of season 44, Frannie Marin won the immunity for her team after she was split from her lover (?). Host Jeff Probst split the remaining group into two teams and the person who lasted the longest would win immunity for their entire group, while last remaining person from the other group would solely get immunity. Frannie ended up as the last victor overall and left Matt vulnerable. The latter was later voted off the island on Day 14. “I am so proud of you for winning, and I don’t want you to blame yourself for what happened,” Matt said during his last minutes on the show.

But almost a year after filming the season, are Matt and Frannie still living it up together after Survivor? Read more down below to find out if love does actually exist.

Are Matt and Frannie still together after Survivor 2023?

Matt Blankenship

Image: Robert Voets/CBS

Are Matt and Frannie still together from Survivor 2023? YES! Matt and Frannie are still together. Matt talked in deep detail about his relationship with his lover-turned-betrayer-turned-lover again with both Entertainment Weekly and Parade.

He talked so enthusiastically about his relationship with Parade. “Oh yeah, the Frankinship is riding the wind!” he exclaimed. “We are sailing full speed. We’re still dating. We’re still together. We’ve done the Ethiopian food, we’ve got road trips coming up. We’re going strong.”

He also talked about he was really surprised about how quickly he and Frannie bonded. “Honestly, it totally caught me off guard, I had no idea. It’s Survivor 101, the ABCs, you don’t get into a frickin showmance! It’s dumb. And I knew that we both knew that. But I mean, it was two dorky magnets; we couldn’t separate from each other! The chemistry was immediate. And so I went into the game, wanting to just let the experience be whatever it was going to be. I didn’t want to force it to be any one way. I wanted to just take in the whole thing. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I just wanted to like let myself enjoy every aspect of it. It was totally unexpected, and caught me off guard. But in all honestly, it made my life and made the whole thing so much richer for me.”

Though he talked about how he avoided competition in the name of love. “I can’t express enough how much you need somebody that you can trust out there, someone who you feel super confident has your back. And I think Frannie and I were that for each other. In another universe, we eventually would have to stab each other in the back. I’m sure some fireworks would go down. But I was thinking about that in a more endgame way and not anytime soon.”

After almost a year after being off the show, he also talked about how they both reminisced over their blooming relationship. “Honestly, there are a lot of little moments that were so cute and it feels so sweet and dear to me. I wasn’t sure if they would make edit, because there’s a lot to have to show on the show,” he said. “But we got Ernie the stick bug, who was like our child, and the hand puppets when we were building the shelter. All of these adorable moments at the fledgling stages of our relationship, that means the world. And we got a montage! (Laughs.) And I’m eating it up. Give me more. I want all of the Frankinship content.”

Frannie Marin

Image: Robert Voets/CBS

He talked about the play-by-play part of his experience on the island and how love was so unexpected to Entertainment Weekly. “You prepare for this game, but you could never prepare for that, right? One of the things I told myself going out there was to just sort of embrace whatever the experience had for me. Go out there with an open mind and just let myself feel the things I was feeling and express them and let myself be whatever, whoever I am in that moment.

Even though he did lose, he didn’t want his partner to lose that spark when competing on the island. “That connection is so strong. That relationship with me and Frannie is so beautiful and so pure. It would be a disservice to me and a disservice to her to not allow that to flourish, regardless of game, you know? I’m the real winner of Survivor 44.”

After the episode aired, Matt still kept his word about Fran and was unconditionally proud of her move and her victory in the challenge. “Anything can happen, and you want to put your best foot forward. I’m genuinely so proud of her for winning the immunity and setting the tone in this way. I don’t fault her at all for wanting to compete and wanting to win. We’re all there because we’re competitors and we want that moment of Jeff putting the freaking necklace on you. We all dream about that all the time.”

He continued calling his current lover a champ in everything she does, “I think that from a strategy perspective, yes, we want to keep the pair and if one of us wins immunity, you should probably step off and keep the other one safe. But, at the same time, I can’t hold it against Frannie for wanting to compete. Come on, she beat Brandon! The freaking NFL player! A little girl from Minnesota outlasting this big guy who played on the Seahawks. Like, how cool is that? What a story.”

Survivor is available to stream on Paramount+. Here’s how to watch it for free.

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