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Apparently Travis Scott Is Still Living At Kylie Jenner’s House & We’re Confusion

Who says a little Storm(i) can’t bring people together? Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s still living together clue suggests these two might be ready to revisit their romantic relationship. The parents have been taking care of Stormi together and it has reportedly brought them closer than ever. Who could resist quality time with an 18-month-old baby? Not us! And certainly not her parents! Even though the reality star couple split a little over two weeks ago, they’ve been in pretty much constant contact because of their coparenting duties.

Sources have told TMZ that Scott and Jenner’s close friendship could lead to something more again one day. So it’s definitely not over for good. Scott dislocated his knee at Rolling Loud and is currently recuperating with Jenner and Stormi. It makes sense you’d want to go someplace special and be with family when you’re recovering from an injury. He’s not spending all of his time at Jenner’s. TMZ reports that the rapper is also staying at the home he and his 22-year-old girlfriend shared together in Beverly Hills.

On October 16, the parents took their sweet baby to a pumpkin patch in Los Angeles. There are plenty of holidays coming up and it looks like Jenner and Scott are going to keep things as normal for Stormi as they can. Sounds like a good plan!

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Stormi looked elated as she ran around the pumpkin patch and the proud parents seemed thrilled to capture some of her happiest moments on camera. Also Stormi’s outfit is pure gold. Just sayin’.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

In other news, we just have to point out that Kylie Jenner has a great sense of humor. You never want to take yourself too seriously, right? Well, social media has been taking a lot of cracks at Jenner for that “rise and shine” song she sort of sang to Stormi. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Take a look.

Jenner went along with the fun, sharing a hilariously edit of her face in a sun with the caption, “no caption needed.” Way to play along, Kylie!

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Even better? Stormi dances along to it, but thinks her dad is the singer! LOL. “Daddy sing?” Stormi asks, to which Jenner replies, “No baby that’s mommy!”

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Stormi then insists on listening to her dad sing. Kids! Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em!


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