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‘And Just Like That…’ Season 2, Episode 10 Recap: The Past, Present & Fissures

Photograph by Craig Blankenhorn/Max

Ever since it was revealed that the final two episodes of And Just Like That… season two are titled “The Last Supper: Part 1 and 2,” fans have been spiraling. Many assumed the choice signals the end of the reboot, but now it seems we may have all been just a little bit dramatic—because “The Last Supper: Part 1” provided a more concrete explanation for the name choice. Carrie is literally hosting a “last supper” at her West Village apartment before she hands it over to the next-gen, cool single girl Lisette. As for whether the episode name signifies some sort of double entendre, we will have to wait and see what Max has to say next week.

For now, though, let’s focus on what we do have: the penultimate episode of season two. Of course, this means many of the storylines that have been playing out throughout the season have come to a head prior to next week’s finale. Carrie and Aidan continue going strong, but their plan for post-midlife bliss isn’t as manageable as it originally seemed. Charlotte, meanwhile, is “slaying” at her new job, leading to a bit of an identity crisis as she attempts to join her role as mother and wife with her return to gallerina form. Miranda, too, is finding success with her work, but she’s struggling to incorporate her exes into her life. It’s harder to go cold turkey when you share decades of history and a child with someone.

In between all that, there are scenes of Seema confused in love, Nya facing the reality of her divorce (and making rash decisions in its wake), and Lisa dealing with her surprise pregnancy—all interesting explorations relegated once again to a C-plot. Of course, there are also clothes, with the best looks this episode coming from Miranda, who seems to be taking hints from her young coworkers by opting for Christopher John Rogers and Yuzefi. Below, we break down all the outfits from “The Last Supper: Part 1” and where you can shop them to wear to your next vegan girls brunch.

Episode 10: The Last Supper: Part 1

Photograph by Craig Blankenhorn/Max

Carrie and Aidan head down to Coney Island to visit Steve (who, yes, is still on the show) to check out a new food joint he’s opening on the boardwalk with some investments from Aidan. Now, like Carrie, I have never been to Coney Island, but I have to imagine her look for the trip isn’t exactly appropriate for Cyclone-riding. She takes three subways in a blue shirtdress over purple pants tucked into sequin boots with a patterned sequin jacket on top and a black tote bag. Actually, now that I think about it, I don’t think this outfit is appropriate for anything at all.

Photograph by Craig Blankenhorn/Max

And while Steve and Brady are hanging in Brooklyn, Miranda is back in boss mode, filling in at Human Rights Watch and seamlessly embracing the woman-in-charge look: a teal dress with a cowl neckline and pleats from Hobbs London, which she pairs with an aquamarine belt and green heels. But right as she seems to be getting the hang of things, her boss Raina returns from maternity leave, reminding us how large the time jumps are between episodes.

Photograph by Craig Blankenhorn/Max

Speaking of working women, Charlotte starts off the episode by showing some Alex Israel pieces to Sam Smith (who stands out in an all-aqua look with a Judith Leiber martini purse). Charlotte—who was reminiscing about the ’90s just a few episodes ago—is now turning the clock back even further and embracing an ’80s style, wearing a polka-dot jacket with puffed sleeves atop a black pencil skirt.

Charlotte is interrupted during the walkthrough by a call from Rock, who needs their notebook at school immediately. Charlotte then calls up Harry and insists he bring it over, as Charlotte played the mom in shining armor for years before returning to work. He obliges, freeing Charlotte up to make a sale—but also to spiral later in the episode.


At lunch (which Lisa Todd Wexley got the invite to this time!), Charlotte spills LTW’s big news. No, not that she’s pregnant, which she revealed to her husband, Herbert, last episode—but that PBS is extending her documentary to a ten-part series. The foursome enjoys their vegan meals in their collectively cute outfits, with Miranda leading the pack in a metallic mustard-yellow satin set from Christopher John Rogers featuring a button-down and wide-leg pants, belted and paired with peep-toe platforms and a brown snakeskin bag.

Carrie throws some vintage into the mix with a purple silk Mary McFadden dress from the ’80s featuring a ruffled neckline; she’s layered it underneath a brown skirt. Charlotte wears a pink, off-the-shoulder dress with a black belt and colorful Roger Vivier shoulder bag. LTW closes out the group in an aqua set from A.W.A.K.E. Mode featuring a cutout crepe top with a high neckline and paper bag trousers with slits at the knee. She breaks up the monochrome look with bright orange accessories, including a Mark Cross bag. The look hides her growing baby bump enough that her pregnancy remains out of conversation—but following the meal, she spills the tea to Charlotte, despite the gallerina proving just moments before that she has a pretty big mouth.

Photograph by Craig Blankenhorn/Max

Days later, Seema comes in hot in a full leopard print look to Carrie’s packed-up West Village apartment. She’s not mad she didn’t get the previous lunch invite, but instead miffed that Carrie sold the apartment to her neighbor Lisette for a criminal price. And while Seema seems none too pleased at what was likely her less-than-expected commission, she has other things on her mind: like the fact that she said “I love you” to Ravi and he—gasp—said it back.

To be fair, Seema is nervous she said it too soon, and is now scared she will get hurt. But she should know Carrie isn’t the person to go to for relationship advice at the moment, considering she’s been floating in the honeymoon phase for months at this point. “My point of view as of late, if you feel love, run after it,” Carrie advises between bites of edamame. “Give it all you have. Hold back nothing.” Clearly, though, Carrie is going soft, as she also takes this chat as an opportunity to point out the kitten sitting in her shoe box, shaking her head with pleasure instead of the much more Carrie-coded response which would be, say, freaking out that it might pee on her Manolo Blahniks.

Photograph by Craig Blankenhorn/Max

Miranda, meanwhile, is busy at the UN, where she apparently did very well in her meeting. And while I can’t attest to what happened off-screen, I can confirm she looked the part of a modern human rights lawyer, leaving the building in a yellow and purple Oscar de la Renta ombré coat (see below in a shorter style), Yuzefi mini bag (see below in pink), Interior trousers, and a lavender tote.

Photograph by Craig Blankenhorn/Max

Carrie invites Anthony over because, apparently, Stanford has some news for him. Now, it’s one thing when Carrie references a robe she received from Stanford’s travels in Asia, but this whole scene is so icky. The choice to not remove Stanford as a character upon actor Willie Garson’s death is coming back to bite the show’s writers, as Carrie is forced to tell Anthony that Stanford has chosen to stay in Japan and become a Shinto monk. To make it even worse, they show a photo of Stanford in his new life. “Good photoshop,” Anthony says upon seeing the photo. “What’s the bit?” Carrie insists it’s real, but the reality is, it’s actually a bad photoshop job, and it feels weird seeing Garson’s face in such a forced context.

Stanford’s dramatic change in path is used as a catalyst to allow Anthony to also move on from past ties, and to finally bottom with his hot Italian boyfriend. Seems like there were ways to get to that point across without using Garson, but hey, I guess we’ll leave it to the professionals.

Photograph by Craig Blankenhorn/Max

All season long, there was concern that Aidan’s extreme aversion to Carrie’s West Village apartment would lead to that relationship’s downfall. Carrie upended her life for Aidan, selling the apartment that was basically a part of her soul for three decades (which in itself may have been a problem), but even in this episode, he couldn’t face stepping through the threshold. His complete avoidance of the past, and the constant mention of his distaste for the apartment seemed like obvious foreshadowing that these problems would ultimately tear down the relationship. But in “Last Supper: Part 1,” it becomes clear that Carrie wasn’t the only one sacrificing for their relationship, and Aidan’s own offerings were much greater than Carrie’s well-located townhouse apartment. It’s possible that we’ve been viewing this relationship all wrong all season. Yes, at many times it seemed unlikely that it would work out, but the problems always came from the past. Now, it seems the real issue is the present.

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