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All the Tea You Need About ‘Too Hot to Handle’ Season 2

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle season 1. Since Too Hot to Handle premiered on Netflix on April 17, fans have been desperate for more content (us included.) Given how popular the first season was, it shouldn’t be long until Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle’s season 2 release date, cast, spoilers and news leak. While we won’t know everything until the second season of Netflix’s hottest dating show is released, there are some clues that we can obsess over in the meantime.

But before we discuss what we know about Too Hot to Handle season 2, let’s recap how season 1 went down: Too Hot to Handle season 1 followed a dozen or so attractive singles as they looked for love on a tropical resort. At the end, someone will receive $100,000. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, there’s a twist: The contestants are told by an Amazon Alexa-type device named Lana that they cannot kiss, have sex or masturbate otherwise their prize money goes down.

Throughout the season, Lana also calls the cast into a group meeting if someone breaks the rules. As you can expect, it leads to a lot of drama. In the end, though, three couples came out of the show: Harry and Francesca; Sharron and Rhonda; and David and Lydia. The final 10 contestants, which also include Bryce, Chloe, Kelz and Nicole, each received a cut of the final prize fund: $75,000, which divided into $7,500 for each contestant. In the end, it wasn’t really about the money. It was more about how the contestants grew as people to learn that a romantic connection is more than the physical. The contestants who didn’t learn that were sent home before the prize money was given out.

So that’s what happened in season 1. Here’s what we know so far about Too Hot to Handle season 2.

Francesca and Harry in Netflix's 'Too Hot to Handle'

Image: Netflix.

Is there a season 2?

So far, Netflix hasn’t announced a second season for Too Hot to Handle. But given that it was the number-one Netflix show when it premiered in April 2020, there’s a high chance that the show will be renewed. We expect a second season to be announced in May, if Too Hot to Handle is given a season 2. Netflix’s other dating show, Love Is Blind, confirmed that the show will receive a season 2 and 3 a month after its premiere in February 2020, so we hope that Too Hot to Handle follows the same timeline.

How to do you apply?

Too Hot to Handle‘s creator Louise Peet told Oprah Magazine that more than 3,000 people applied to the show via casting tapes. “When their casting tapes came to us, they sang. They were perfect. They fit the bill in terms of their habits, in terms of their love lives and their commitment phobia,” she said.

While there were many contestants that stood out, Peet revealed that there were two that she knew she wanted to cast. “We knew David was going to be perfect because he always felt like he was the last boyfriend before becoming a husband. Or that Harry had written a list of how many people he’d had sex with on his phone, but he didn’t really know who anyone was,” she said. Ultimately, Peet told Oprah Magazine that it was each contestant’s “warmth” that allowed them to be chosen.

As for how to be cast on the show, that information hasn’t been announced yet. But if it’s the same process as Netflix’s Love Is Blind and The Circle, expect an online application to open up once a second season is announced.

When’s the release date?

No season 2 release date has been announced yet. But given that Netflix’s other reality shows, Love Is Blind and The Circle, have has to push production on their second and third seasons due to the coronavirus pandemic, we don’t expect a second season of Too Hot to Handle to be released in 2020. As of now, it seems the earliest the show will come back is 2021.


Image: Netflix.

Who’s in the cast?

The season 2 cast hasn’t been announced yet. But if they’re anything like season 1, expect a lot of attractive twentysomethings who love sex, working out and skimpy swimsuits. Unlike Love Is Blind, which stuck to locals in one city, expect the Too Hot to Handle season 2 cast to be diverse geography-wise. The season 1 cast had contestants from New Jersey, Florida, Canada, Australia, England and Ireland, so we think a season 2 will include a similar melting pot. One confirmed difference, however, will be that the season 2 cast will know that they cannot kiss, have sex or masturbate, which may lead to a much different cast.

Where’s the location?

The season 2 location hasn’t been confirmed yet. Season 1 was filmed at Casa Tau, a 12-bedroom luxury residence in Puerto Mita, Mexico that cost $15,600 a night, according to TripAdvisor. Peet told Oprah Magazine that the resort was chosen for its luxurious look.”Show us the place where the A-List of the world could only afford to go,” Peet said she told Netflix. It’s unclear if season 2 will be filmed at the same resort (or even in Mexico), but we wouldn’t complain.

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