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According to Pinterest, These Will Be the Biggest Trends of 2020

When it comes to trending topics, there’s no one we trust more than Pinterest. You see, millions of users flock to the social media platform on the daily in search of inspo. They’re looking up everything from the best mattifying primers to tips on wrapping presents to home decor inspiration. And with each and every search, Pinterest is keeping track of what the People are into. They’re also able to forecast what the next big trends will be, thanks to all this information. So when we had the chance to catch up with Pinterest and see what Pinterest 2020 trends are about to happen, we knew we had to.

Pinterest just released their annual report of the top 100 trends to come in the new year—and this year’s list has us seriously inspired to do more good, get started on more DIY projects, and get more into nature in 2020. (Plus, isn’t it relieving to know that we, as a collective, seem to be more interested in the trends that will help better our earth? No? Just me?)

The top 100 trends are categorized into 10 cultural themes: beyond binary, conscious consumption, finding balance, home hub, internationally inspired, pampered pets, responsible travel, re-wilding, space everything and ’90s rerun. By the looks of it, 2020 will be a year full of environmentally-conscious decisions and exciting (and responsible!) travel and healthy relationships with our homes.

Scroll through to see Pinterest’s forecast for 2020 trends and stay ahead of the curve before the new year even starts.

1. Beyond Binary

beyond binary According to Pinterest, These Will Be the Biggest Trends of 2020


What’s a gender? In 2020, a more flexible and accepting approach to gender identity will be present. Of course, don’t call this just a trend, though. We’re just saying that Pinterest has been seeing a rise in searches for unisex clothing, gender-neutral names, and androgynous wedding wear. To get specific about it, searches for gender-neutral names increased by at least 301 percent and gender-neutral haircuts by more than 625 percent. Unisex nursery searched went up by 527 percent along with unisex clothes, which increased by 119 percent in searches year over year. I don’t know about you, but that means like a lot of interest to me.

2. ’90s Rerun

90s rerun According to Pinterest, These Will Be the Biggest Trends of 2020



When it came to fashion searches in 2019, Pinners were all about bringing back the greatest trends of the ’90s. “Hair scrunchie” saw a whopping 6,309 percent increase in searches, cementing their stay as the reigning hair accessories. “’90s grunge fashion” had a 292 percent increase, and “Y2K outfits” saw a huge 669 percent increase in searches year over year. Clearly, the ’90s and early aughts are here to stay—and we are definitely not mad about it.

STYLECASTER | hair scrunchies | 90s style

3. Internationally Inspired



STYLECASTER | Pinterest 100


Pinterest is a hotspot for travel itineraries and tips, so it’s no surprise that those travelers are bringing home some of the cultures with them. Searches for “Spanish style bathrooms” have seen a search volume increase of three to nine percent year over year and “Indian living rooms” have seen an astonishing 2,080 percent increase. Food is a major source of inspiration too, with “Arabic sweets” increasing by 407 percent in search year over year and searches for “West African food” by 311 percent.


4. Home Hub

home hub According to Pinterest, These Will Be the Biggest Trends of 2020


Along with travel, Pinterest is a hub for all things home improvement, and 2019’s search trends proved no different. Pinners were looking to go all Extreme Makeover: Home Edition on their homes—from a tricked out kitchen to a home office and gym. The year 2019 has shaped up to be the year that we never left the comfort of our homes. The techiest of us searched for “audio rooms”, which increased in search volume by 803 percent year over year. Searches for “microgreens growing indoor” increased  by 223 percent, and searches for “home coffee stations” increased by 751 percent year over year. The People really need their caffeine.

STYLECASTER | at home coffee bar | coffee station | at home coffee station

5. Finding Balance

STYLECASTER | Pinterest 100

This coming 2020 is definitely going to be the year of wellness with a focus on everyday habits and intentional living. Searches for “social media detox”, for example, have increased by 314 percent and “art therapy activities” have seen a search volume increase of 444 percent. Finally, self-love is starting to mean much more than just slapping on a face mask and drinking wine.

6. Conscious Consumption

STYLECASTER | Pinterest 100

It seems Pinners are interested in connecting to nature and living a more eco-friendly lifestyle, too, with “nature travel” rising in search volume by 253 percent. “Low-waste lifestyle” saw a 446 percent increase, too, and “thrifted home décor” saw a 308 percent increase in search year over year.

7. Re-Wilding

STYLECASTER | Pinterest 100

Next year, we’re all going to be hearing the call of the wild as people find ways to interact with nature and bring the inside out more than ever before. Searches for “outdoor play areas” soared by 550 percent and searches for “outdoor kitchen bars” have increased by a jaw-dropping 2,795 percent. Lake fishing trips are on the rise, too,  with a search volume increase of 274 percent year over year.

8. Space Everything

space everything According to Pinterest, These Will Be the Biggest Trends of 2020


Men may have landed on the moon over 50 years ago, but that doesn’t mean our curiosity for the Great Unknown has lessened. Even the fashion set are getting involved in this trend, with “NASA hoodie” searches increasing by 106 percent and “piercing ear constellation” increasing by 112 percent. Space themed parties are on the rise with “astrology party theme” taking over searches by 247 percent year over year and “galaxy themed birthday party” increasing by 341 percent. Space nerds, unite!

STYLECASTER | Pinterest 100

9. Pampered Pets

STYLECASTER | Pinterest 2020 Trends


It really comes as no surprise that this trend is making headway in 2020, with people treating their pets just like their human family. Searches for “pet resort” have become popular, with search volume increased by 260 percent year over year. “Cat playground outdoor” has also seen an increase—by 512 percent year over year. Even “dog toilet area garden” is trending with a 214 percent increase in searches.

10. Responsible Travel

STYLECASTER | Pinterest 2020 Trends


Don’t get us wrong, people are still seeking thrills when it comes to travel, but they’re doing so in a more eco-conscious way. Travelers are monitoring their environmental impact and finding ways to incorporate more educational aspects into their trips, like learning about the history of the land while touring it. Searches for “train travel” have increased by 107 percent year over year and “abroad education” searches have seen a 31 percent increase.

For more, head to Pinterest’s newsroom and discover all of 2019’s top searches!


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