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A Guide to Summertime Footcare: 10 Creams, Scrubs & Tools for Smooth Feet

Photographed by Zoë Ghertner

Summer selfishly requires massive prep for bikini season—then has the nerve to expect your hardworking feet look nothing short of pristine in the latest footwear. But your new pair of platform sandals, stilettos, or kitten-heel flip-flops won’t shine the way they should if you’ve got rough, dry heels or callouses.

You can always sub rubber sandals for leather ones (the rubber accelerants in many flip-flops can irritate and dry out the heels of your feet), take a weekly Epsom salt foot soak, and regularly exfoliate. But there are more in-depth steps you can take to ensure your feet will be smooth and beautiful for summer, says Marcela Correa, the licensed medical pedicurist who owns and operates Medi Pedi NYC, a Midtown Manhattan foot spa that specializes in non-invasive and waterless medical pedicures.

“Exfoliating with cream, not water, is a big one to consider,” says the Uruguay-born pedi-master, who has worked in the industry for over two decades. “Many people are aware of the importance of exfoliating their feet to remove dead skin and calluses, but what they might not know is that using just water can be less effective. Instead, it’s recommended to exfoliate with a foot cream or scrub specifically designed for this purpose. The cream helps soften the skin, making it easier to remove dead skin cells and calluses when using a foot file. This combination of cream and exfoliation can result in smoother and healthier-looking feet. It’s also good to note that you’re only supposed to exfoliate the feet once a week—no more.”

To put your best foot forward this August, we’ve prepared a list of the most useful and accessible products. Beautify your feet for any summer activity: whether it’s walking to work, sauntering down a yacht deck, or strolling on the sand.

An indulgence worth every penny, Kaufmann’s foot cream will deliver your softest feet yet. This beautifully formulated cream relieves and moisturizes, using a healing and naturally cleansing formulation of broccoli seed oil, camphor wood oil, and thyme oil—which helps promote blood circulation and has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

So effective and inexpensive, you shouldn’t think twice about implementing this product in your footcare routine. These latex-free, reusable Heel Hero Gel Protectors keep your heels soft and moisturized. Ideally, they should be worn 15 minutes a day—surprisingly enough, they’re quite comfortable.

Use this refreshing scrub to remedy your tired and worn-out feet all summer long. The lightly scented scrub feels invigorating as it utilizes high-grade essential oils and antioxidant botanicals like dandelion root, angelica root, and licorice root to slough off dead skin, increase your skin’s hydration, and promote collagen production.

For all the footcare devotees who love a deep exfoliation (and an almost frightening peel show), this is your essential foot staple. Baby Foot uses a blend of glycolic, lactic, and malic acids to peel away layers upon layers of dead foot skin. (We do advise that you refer to your dermatologist before using this product if you have open wounds, legions, or certain skin ailments).

An exfoliating and nourishing foot balm that targets corns, callouses, and rough dead skin on the feet. This French skincare line’s latest cruelty-free launch is fast-absorbing, has no sticky reside, and is free of GMOs, toxins, and parabens.

A two-in-one foot remedy ideal for when you’re short on time and need some healing hydration, Serum Doctor’s Flawless Feet consistently delivers serious softness. Used in tandem with this high-quality and travel-friendly foot filer, the roll-on serum works like a dream.

This is a priceless tool not just for summer, but all year long—smoothing feet and getting rid of callouses and dead skin flawlessly. It’s perfect when you’re between pedicures or just want to throw it in your carry-on while vacationing.

Squeezing your toes into narrow, fashionable shoes is an unquestionable bummer—but what is more unpleasant are the blisters and corns that result from your love for stilettos. These toe separators work their magic by keeping your feet comfortable, even in the most unrelenting footwear.

If you’re not a fan of balms and creams, this pure multipurpose argan oil is divine to rub on the feet and cuticles of your toes at night. It’s cold-pressed and bountiful in vitamin E and fatty acids—hydrating your feet all night long.

Mess-free and convenient for travel, this healing balm treats and relieves cracked heels with mango butter, black currant seed oil, and botanically sourced candelilla wax. You should apply this at night before bed or ahead of a shower, then slough off all the dead skin.

Source: W Magazine

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