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A Deep Dive Into Kylie Jenner’s Ultra-Sexy Pregnancy Style

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard the uber-exciting news that Kylie Jenner is pregnant with her second child by Travis Scott. Yep, that’s right—Stormi is getting a little brother or sister! And while we don’t know much about the baby other than what Jenner shared in an announcement video on Instagram, we do know quite a bit about Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy style. Namely, that she’s leaning in to all the sexy vibes.

Because Jenner was essentially in hiding whilst pregnant with Stormi, we didn’t get to see her serve very many looks over the course of her nine months with a baby bump. I can’t help but wonder if this was a response to the intense backlash her sister, Kim Kardashian, received during her multiple pregnancies. Kardashian’s pregnancy style was regularly ridiculed (Lest we forget the infamous Met Gala couch dress!) and she’s since spoken out about how the criticism and mockery really upset her. Given that she must’ve seen Kardashian struggling first-hand, I wonder if that had anything to do with Jenner’s decision to lay low while expecting.

That said, this time around Jenner is out and about—in fact, she’s all over New York Fashion Week! Since posting her pregnancy announcement, Jenner has already posted a slew of super-sexy outfits to her ‘Gram, all of which show off her beautiful baby bump. TBH, I’m so glad to see our girl embracing her pregnancy body and enjoying this special time in her life. She deserves it!

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

For a dinner at Carbone in New York City, Jenner donned a white leather halter mini dress, a matching leather trench and a white Balenciaga Hourglass handbag. The getup was a true return to fashion, no doubt a signal from Jenner that she doesn’t plan on shying away from social media this time around.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Her next maternity look was for an appearance at NYFW’s Revolve Gallery. While it was definitely a little more dressed down, Jenner still looked chic in a gorgeous red leather coat, fiery orange heels and a tee tied up to show off her bump in all its glory. I’m not preggers myself, but I’ll definitely be copying this look during the the weird, not-summer-not-fall transitional period of seasonal dressing.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

For her next trick, Jenner went all-out sexy in advance of the LaQuan Smith Spring/Summer 2022 show. Her black lace catsuit showed quite a bit of skin, although she did add on a black jacket for a little extra coverage. Smith showed similar pieces at the show, but I have a feeling Jenner’s look was customized to accommodate her growing bump. This baby isn’t even born yet and it’s already more stylish than I will ever hope to be!

All in all, Jenner can where whatever the fuck she wants, whether or not she’s pregnant. It’s her body and her choice, people! Still, I’m happy to cheer her on as she embraces a super sexy maternity look, which she’s absolutely nailing. I’ve always loved little Stormi’s style, but she’d better watch her back—her new sibling may be coming for her style icon crown!

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