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90 Day Fiancé Love in Paradise Season 3’s Cast Has A Couple From A Past Season

Dramatic as ever. If you wanna continue watching for messy relationships, here’s what to know about the 90 Day Fiancé Love In Paradise Season 3 cast. 

There’s a lot of content to consume in the 90 Day Fiancé universe. The original show follows couples who have received a K-1 visa, which is uniquely available to betrothed partners of US citizens. The Other Way is exactly what it sounds like—American couples who move to their partner’s home country. “It’s about love,” 90 Day Fiancé executive producer, Matt Sharp, told Gold Derby in May 2022 when asked what makes the TLC reality TV series so popular. “Love is primal, but I think we tapped into a couple of things. One is that this show is incredibly authentic. I’m a huge lover of The Bachelor and that franchise, however, we were one of the first shows to actually tell real stories about ordinary Americans and their love journeys. Also, this show is about this journey with other cultures. When we launched this show in 2014, we were on the ‘love frontier’ of this whole new era of finding people all over the world.”

He continued: “This is the most diverse show on television,” Sharp asserted. “You can challenge me on it. We featured people from 51 countries at this point. We have subtitles. We have people that don’t speak the same language and have completely different cultures. We’re trying to tell unique stories every time and when we’re in the casting process we’re evaluating people based on their personalities, backgrounds and their stories, but also we just want to tell unique, fresh, interesting stories.” So who’s still together? Read on.

This season has so many twists and turns with five new couples and one very familiar one. We meet Everton and Jordan, Juan and Jessica, April and Valentine, Scott, and Lidia, and Matt and Ana, and revisit VaLentine and Carlos, who we met in season 2.

The series synopsis for this season is as follows: “It’s an all-new season of 90 Day Fiancé love stories set in and around the Caribbean, as Americans who fall in love in paradise wonder if it can last once the suntan fades away. First seen in season 2, VaLentine and Carlos are now about to say ‘I do,’ but a past relationship threatens their union.”

So who are the 90 Day Fiancé: Love In Paradise cast? Read more below to find out.

Who is in the 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise cast?

Everton & Jordan


Image: TLC

Everton and Jordan have been in a long-distance relationship for 12 years and there is a ten year age gap between the couple. Jordan is a Texas resident and meets Everton in Jamaica. In a teaser for the new season, Jordan gets mad at Everton and yells at him “You were taking money from me and you were giving it to another woman?” Jordan brushes it off by saying  “Small amounts, yes,” prompting Jordan to reply, “I’m not f—king doing this with you anymore.” Fans do think that money issues might get in the way for this couple.

Juan & Jessica

Juan Jessica 90 Day Fiancé Love in Paradise Season 3s Cast Has A Couple From A Past Season

Image: TLC

Juan and Jessica are a sweet couple in season 3. Jessica has been married before and has two children and Juan is a bartender on a cruise. The couple met on the luxury cruise where Juan was working at and the two hit it off. “Everywhere I go to see Juan is in paradise, and now things are about to get really real!” she said in the trailer Jessica frequently travels to Colombia to meet with her fiancé. The show revealed that the two got engaged before the US native realized that she was pregnant with their first child. So with Jessica and her two kids moving to Colombia, the show will showcase the adjustment between their two lives.

April & Valentine

April Valentine

Image: TLC

April is a doctor who visits her personal trainer fiancé Valentine in the Dominican Republic. There is a twelve-year age gap with April being the older one at 38 and Valentine at 26. Her family doesn’t seem to support her relationship, and things twisted and turned when April says in the trailer,  “This motherf— disappeared for four, five days. I don’t understand what crazy turn my life has taken,” she said. A friend off camera can be heard asking April, “You’re a beautiful girl, why the hell you gotta go to a whole ‘nother [sic] damn country to meet someone?” But will they be able to work it out to get to marriage?

Lidia & Scott

Lidia Scott

Image: TLC

Lidia and Scott met after online dating for two years. Lydia, 56, has only been in one other relationship in her life and the language barrier between them can spark some fights. “We can’t communicate, we have to rely on a translator,” Scott 51, and a body builder explained in the teaser trailer. Lidia’s daughter, fought back“When you come here you know she cannot speak English.”

Ana & Matthew

Ana Matthew

Image: Getty Images

Ana and Matthew met on a dating app and became engaged 10 days after meeting each other in real life. even Things look great for the couple though some big wrenches might be thrown in the works: religious and cultural differences!

Carlos & VaLentine

Carlos, Valentine

Courtesy of TLC

We meet Carlos & Valentine again after seeing them on season 2. As they’re preparing for a wedding in season 3, tension arises after VaLentine questions Carlos about his sexuality.

“I came here to Colombia to get married to the love of my life and it makes me feel [like] the impossible is about to happen,” VaLentine said in the trailer Another bombshell occurs when Carlos said that he is “actually bisexual” though he identifies as gay. A woman with whom Carlos has been involved was then discussed, as Valentine shouted, “You wanna ignore the emotional cheating?” Carlos then shouted back, “Nothing is going on!”

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