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27 Back-to-School Supplies You’ll Love No Matter How Old You Are

Like every other human on this planet, I dreaded the end of summer growing up. I’d miss sleeping in every day, spending afternoons at the pool and staying up most nights to watch who knows what on TV. (Degrassi—it was always Degrassi.)

But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get a little bit excited. Some small part of me craved the end of summer, because it meant the beginning of back-to-school season—ahem, back-to-school shopping season.

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I’ve always been a little too into organization. During back-to-school season in middle and high school, few things excited me more than stocking up on pristine pens, juicy new highlighters and fresh notebooks. Oh, and don’t get me started on what it felt like to buy a brand-new planner—a clean slate for the year, just waiting to be filled with neat handwriting, color coordination and all kinds of plans.

But as I grew older, back-to-school shopping lost some of its ceremony. As I bid adieu to this annual tradition, I found myself feeling a little bit lost. (Just a little bit, guys. I’m not that into organization.) Life became less seasonal—or at least, seasonal in new ways. Jobs don’t always start in September and end in May, so I could no longer justify a major back-to-school shopping haul at the end of August.

What I could justify, though, was a mini-haul.

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Sure, I no longer needed a backpack filled with new odds and ends every year. But I did need other supplies. You don’t just stop using notebooks or pens once you graduate college—or at least, I don’t. My office desk needs organization-centric decor, and my home office desk does, too. I’m not trying to overhaul my organization situation on an annual basis, but I can definitely update it.

And my one-stop shop for all my not-so-school-related back-to-school shopping needs?, a fun little store that specializes in deck-centric decor you’ll actually want to use. Here, 27 of my favorites from this back-to-school season.


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