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24 Latinx Influencers Leaving Their Mark on the Beauty Industry

The mantra “representation matters” may sound cliche, but in 2019, it’s more important than ever. And in the case of Latinx beauty influencers, the community continues to grow and not only provide us with the obvious–makeup tutorials, flawless #OOTDs, and more–but show the world how important it is that everyone has a seat at the table. What may have started with seasoned YouTube vets like Bethany Mota in the late 2000s has grown into a strong collective of business-savvy beauty bosses with millions of followers and subscribers.

Most of these 24 makeup mavens are bilingual, reaching audiences far beyond the English-speaking world, and obviously talented. From Camila Coelho and Dulce Candy to Gabriel Zamora, these bloggers know how to create a perfect smoky eye with smooth, winged liner you’ll actually want to recreate. Coming from the United States, Mexico, South America, and more, these Latinx experts are taking over the world one palette at a time.

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Denise Sanchez

The Afro-Latina beauty blogger and makeup artist has the cutest tattoo of eyelashes on her finger. (Talk about permanent beauty!) On her Instagram, she posts gorgeous, high-quality photos and videos of her hairstyles, makeup tutorials and travels.

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Doralys Britto

Britto is a Dominican bilingual beauty and lifestyle vlogger. She has 1.1M+ subscribers on her YouTube channel, where she posts videos mostly in Spanish. Her videos include workouts, beauty transformations and more!

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Monica Veloz

Veloz, a.k.a. MonicaStyleMuse, is an Afro-Latina beauty vlogger. She posts videos on product reviews, tutorials, favorite products, and more. Her YouTube channel currently has 318K+ subscribers.

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Alba Ramos

Her YouTube channel, SunKissAlba, covers healthy snacks, organic baby products, natural makeup routines and more. She has more than 1M subscribers and 375K+ followers on Instagram. Ramos promotes the importance of organic beauty and nontoxic products.

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Camila Coelho

Besides being one of the most popular fashion, beauty and lifestyle vloggers today, Coelho landed Lancôme’s first-ever influencer collaboration.

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Dulce Candy

Dulce Candy Tejeda Ruiz’s Instagram bio reads, “I wear many hats. Proud Wife, Mom, Immigrant, Iraq War Veteran, Author, Designer. 🇲🇽🇺🇸,” so you already have to be in awe of her. The Mexican-American beauty vlogger has more than 2.2M subscribers on her YouTube channel, where she reviews new products, posts lifestyle how-tos, does beauty challenges and gets real about issues affecting her community.

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Lora Arellano

Arellano is an L.A.-based Mexican-American makeup artist who started her own line called Melt Cosmetics. She constantly posts looks using her own makeup to her 1M+ followers on Instagram. Her client list has included Bebe Rexha, Serena Williams and more heavy hitters.

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Gabriel Zamora

The Houston-raised, L.A.-based Mexican-American beauty vlogger boasts 800K+ subscribers. He covers tutorials, skin-care routines and even did a video on applying makeup while playing with puppies! (How can you not love?)

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Irishcel Beilin

This beautiful Panamanian-born, California-based beauty vlogger covers fitness, seasonal makeup, tutorials and more.

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The Mexican beauty vlogger posts her YouTube videos mostly in Spanish, and her Instagram is a mix of Spanish and English. Her hilarious makeup tutorials reach more than 1.6M subscribers.

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Daisy Marquez

The L.A.-based 21-year-old beauty vlogger makes haul videos, makeup challenge videos and Q&As and last year made an inspiring video on her undocumented status in the United States. At such a young age, Marquez has had quite an impact on her 1M+ YouTube subscribers and 1M+ Instagram followers.

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Christen Dominique

This Latina vlogger has more than 4M YouTube subscribers, who watch her videos on makeup and hair tutorials, product reviews, makeup transformations and more! She’s also the founder of Dominique Cosmetics, which is proudly cruelty-free.

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Desi Perkins

Perkins has truly made a name for herself in the beauty industry. She’s done Kim Kardashian’s makeup, has a #DesixKaty collection for Dose of Colors, and has 3.7M+ followers on Instagram. Fans watch her YouTube channel to catch makeup tutorials, day in the life vlogs, celebrity-inspired looks and more.

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Leslie Alvarado

Alvarado is a beauty and fashion vlogger, who also does digital marketing. The bilingual Latina posts product reviews, lookbooks and lifestyle videos on her YouTube channel, which has more than 145K+ subscribers.

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Yuri Antillon

Known as Yuri G Makeup online, Antillon posts detailed shots of her finished makeup looks on Instagram to 32K+ followers.

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Pam Hetlinger

The Panama-born, L.A.-based fashion and beauty blogger of shares her favorite products, travel adventures and outfits to 192K+ followers. (Jessica Alba is a follower!)

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Julie Sariñana

Known by her handle @sincerelyjules, Sariñana is a successful fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. Her 4.9M+ Instagram followers watch her go to Fashion Weeks, travel around the globe, put together stylish outfits and more.

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Daniela Ramirez

The Venezuelan lifestyle blogger of also covers beauty. Ramirez often does beauty partnerships and posts stunning photos on her Instagram to her 192K+ followers. If you’re interested in baby products, she’s also just recently become a mom and is open about her favorites on social media.

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Pamela Allier

This Mexican fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger does the Fashion Week circuit and documents it with colorful photos of her looks. She also partners with beauty brands like Clinique on her Instagram, which reaches her 732K+ followers. (Paris Hilton is one of them!)

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Bethany Mota

One of the first shopping haul vloggers, Mota is known worldwide and has appeared on Dancing with the Stars. She still posts semi-regularly on her YouTube channel, which has 10.4M+ subscribers. Her videos cover shopping hauls, makeup looks, hairstyles and lifestyle topics.

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Mariale Marrero

The bilingual Venezuelan beauty vlogger currently lives in Los Angeles and posts videos to her 1.8M+ subscribers on YouTube. Her Instagram, which has 5M+ followers, features photos of her partnering with beauty brands, videos of short makeup tutorials, shots of her traveling and more!

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Tuti Vargas

Colombian lifestyle blogger Vargas covers makeup, hair, skin care and fashion on her Instagram with 595K+ followers. She also makes YouTube videos and recently covered her breakup. All of her content is in Spanish.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Whitney Valverde

This Latina beauty, fashion and lifestyle vlogger does the Fashion Month circuit and also posts beautiful travel, style and fun pictures to her 377K+ Instagram followers.

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Kat Von D

Katherine von Drachenberg, a.k.a. Kat Von D, is a famous tattoo artist who appeared on the show LA Ink, and parlayed her success into a namesake makeup line now known for producing cruelty-free and highly pigmented products.


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