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2019 Golden Globes: Is Matching Your Eyeshadow to Your Dress the New Black?

Matching your eyeshadow to your ensemble is a bold move—one few of us would dare attempt. But at the 2019 Golden Globes, a couple of your favorite celebrities tackled the style risk, elevating it to red carpet trend status. Both Lili Reinhart and Camilla Belle hit the 2019 Golden Globes red carpet in stunning colorful gowns and matching vibrant eyeshadow, and rest assured, their collective sartorial power move paid off.

Camilla Belle stunned in a royal gown with metallic turquoise detailing. The dress featured thin, off-the-shoulder straps, a fitted bodice and a trumpet skirt that flared into a striking, yet subtle train. The actress accessorized her look with a matching turquoise clutch and—of course—bright turquoise eyeshadow, which rimmed her eyes and spread well above her crease.

Mimicking the metallic shine of the turquoise detailing on her gown, Belle’s eyeshadow featured a range of dynamic tones—lighter jade greens, rich emeralds and deep teals. The colors worked together to create a stunning sheen—and keep all eyes on Belle as she walked the red carpet.

gettyimages 1078756388 2019 Golden Globes: Is Matching Your Eyeshadow to Your Dress the New Black?


Lili Reinhart ventured into even bolder territory, donning a fluffy red tulle gown and rimming her eyes with matching red eyeshadow—a look that can make even the most stunning of stars seem like they’ve caught pink eye (or some similar infection). But Reinhart’s risk was perfectly executed, leaving her red-dress-and-eyeshadow combination exactly as edgy, fashion-forward and strikingly elegant as intended.

Lili Reinhart

Daniele Venturelli/WireImage.

Considered together, these looks beg the question: Is matching your eyeshadow to your dress the new thing? Two’s not quite a trend, but both ensembles are so incredible they do the work of several looks combined. And we’d be lying if we said we weren’t at least a little tempted to go full force on our eyeshadow the next time we don something particularly colorful.

The rest of awards season lies ahead, so we’ll undoubtedly see more style cues unfold in the coming months. For now, we wait—and hold our breath as we hope other celebrities take a page out of Belle’s and Reinhart’s oh-so bold book.


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