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20 Pop-Culture-Themed Socks That Would Make Easy Stockings Stuffers

Socks as presents is one of the longest-running holiday gags. We hated them when we were kids. (Why do we need socks when we can have a Tamagotchi?). But as get older, the idea of socks for the holidays becomes more and more appealing.

With how many socks we lose in our lifetime, we can never have enough of them. Plus, socks are affordable and easy stockings stuffers. They cost next to nothing and have the same heartwarming feel as a thought-expensive gift. And thus, we’re brought here: a gift guide on the 20 best pop-culture-themed socks to buy your loved ones this holiday.

From socks paying tribute to Tupac, Aaliyah and other ’90s icons to those with sewn-on pictures of some of the world’s most powerful women (Michelle Obama, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and more), these pop-culture-themed gifts are perfect for any entertainment junkie.

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Still think socks are uncool for the holidays? Take a look at this quote from Chloë Grace Moretz on the pros of giving socks for the holidays. “I think it’s always funny that people hate getting socks, but I actually love getting socks for Christmas because I could always use a new pair of socks,” she told StyleCaster in 2017. “And I told my family this year, ‘All I want for Christmas this year is a nice pair of slippers.’ Like some good slippers. That’s it. I don’t want jewelry or anything. Nothing expensive. Just some slippers.”

So, make like Moretz and gift your loved ones some socks this year, starting with these pop-culture-themed ones.


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