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19 Next-Level Street Style Looks from Milan Fashion Week

Round one of Fashion Month kicked off in New York City, where street style stars clung to the best of summer style while infusing it with an autumnal accent here and there. Round two followed in London, where guests took what they’d done at New York Fashion Week and weighted it down—making it perfect for the transition between summer and fall (and the rainy, blustery days that tend to pervade the forecast across the pond).

Round three took the fashion set to Milan, and street style was a far cry from what it’d been so far.

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In Italy, stars traded New York’s mismatched prints and London’s heavy bohemian silhouettes for looks that were sleeker, brighter and bolder. Guests explored a hyper-saturated color palette, alternating between ensembles that felt distinctly professional and outfits that seemed more fit for a rave.

At no other Fashion Week could you find a kelly green power suit on one corner and a leggings/sneakers combo on the next—nor could you expect both to look equally incredible. (But in Milan, somehow, they did.)

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For seven days, Italian sidewalks were littered with fashion’s best and brightest—and among them were some of Fashion Month’s most head-turning looks thus far. Ahead, take a vicarious tour through the streets of Milan during MFW 2018, and check out all the head-turning off-runway looks that demand a double-take.


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