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19 Adorable Planners That’ll Actually Keep You Organized in 2019

Just because January is almost over doesn’t mean you should give up getting your shit together in the new year. It takes a while to form a habit and make it stick, so there’s no shame in starting your resolutions a little bit late. If you’re still trying to get organized this year, stocking up on cute 2019 planners—or, you know, just buying one—is great place to start.

I was always the type in school to take notes by hand—they say you remember things better that way, anyway—so when I entered the ~real world~, I still preferred writing down my schedule, appointments, etc. rather than putting reminders in my phone or computer. I’ve found that having a physical planner forces me to write out everything I need to do, which makes it easier to see as a whole. Plus, since there are so many cute planners out there, it feels like less of a chore to keep track of all your information. If you don’t want to do it for the organization, do it for the aesthetic.

And unlike using your electronics to keep track of certain things, a planner comes with endless creative possibilities. For instance, I’m obsessed with using stickers on every page of my planner. I have several sticker books that are filled with cute stickers to add to a usually pretty boring schedule. You can also use your planner as a journal. I try to write one sentence per day so that future-me can look back and see what shows I was into or who I had coffee with that day. The reminders app on your iPhone can’t do that.

In an effort to be both aesthetic and organized, I’ve rounded up 19 cute planners you can use this year to at least make it seem like you have your life together. Because 2019 is just starting—and it’s never too late to get organized AF.

STYLECASTER | Cute 2019 Planners

2019 Big Official Monthly Scheduler, $39.95 at MochiThings

This planner is sleek and simple—perfect for a future (or current) CEO.

STYLECASTER | Cute 2019 Planners

2019 Bouquet Appointment Notebook, $16 at Rifle Paper Co.

This is a monthly, not weekly, planner, for those of you who just want to keep track of very important events (like taco Tuesday).

STYLECASTER | Cute 2019 Planners

Mila 2019 12-Month Planner, $30 at Anthropologie

Straight out of our space cadet dreams.

STYLECASTER | Cute 2019 Planners

Patterned Daily Planner Journal, $24 at Urban Outfitters

This makes me feel artsy and organized.

STYLECASTER | Cute 2019 Planners

2019 Large Rainbow Scheduler, $32.95 at MochiThings

So! Many! Different! Colors!

STYLECASTER | Cute 2019 Planners

Ashley Marie Celestial 2019 12-Month Planner, $34 at Anthropologie

This planner would totally complete your already-impressive desk aesthetic.

STYLECASTER | Cute 2019 Planners

2019 12-Month 3-Ring Binder Planner, $27 at

Just hold this planner up when people try to talk to you—they’ll get the hint.

STYLECASTER | Cute 2019 Planners

Weekly Planner, $15 on Etsy

Functional abstract art.

STYLECASTER | Cute 2019 Planners

Blush Perpetual Planner, $29.95 at Paper Source

You can start this planner whatever day, month or year you want—no limitations.

STYLECASTER | Cute 2019 Planners

Julia Kostreva 2019 Planner, $9.99 at Target

I’m obsessed with the bright colorblock on this one.

STYLECASTER | Cute 2019 Planners

2019 Rose 12-Month Agenda, $30 at Rifle Paper Co.

Gold foil? Yes, please.

STYLECASTER | Cute 2019 Planners

2019 Keep the Memory Planner, $34.95 at MochiThings

This planner is made to also work as a scrapbook, so you can keep your schedule, movie tickets and Polaroids together in one place.

STYLECASTER | Cute 2019 Planners

Flax Dot 2019 12-Month Planner, $34 at Anthropologie

I love the classic gray and white look of this planner. Very chic.

STYLECASTER | Cute 2019 Planners

2019 Large 12-Month Annual Planner, $24 at

A nice little motivational phrase every time you look at this planner.

STYLECASTER | Cute 2019 Planners

2019 Brilliant Simple Dated Weekly Planner, $25.90 at FallinDesign

This planner has built-in checklists, so you can really stay on top of everything.

STYLECASTER | Cute 2019 Planners

2019 Personalized Planner, $28 on Etsy

This planner is custom, so you can put whatever your heart desires on the front.

STYLECASTER | Cute 2019 Planners

2019 Mermaid Party Planner, $18.95 at Paper Source

Add a little whimsy to your workday.

STYLECASTER | Cute 2019 Planners

Printed Daily Planner Journal, $24 at Urban Outfitters

Another planner that can start whenever you want—no need to worry about your timing.

STYLECASTER | Cute 2019 Planners

2019 Simple & Sensible Weekly Planner, $31.95 at MochiThings

Cute and compact. (Meaning you can bring this baby anywhere you go.)


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