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15 Unexpected Items Celebrities Carry in Their Bags

There isn’t anywhere more mysterious than another person’s bag. Everyone has their secrets and their bags—be it backpacks, purses or totes—are where they keep them. Given this curiosity around the items people carry with them, we have one question: What’s in celebrities’ bags and what are the weirdest items?

To find this out, we went to the best source: Us Weekly’s “What’s in My Bag?” series, of course. The series, in which stars from Sarah Jessica Parker to Olivia Munn, are asked about the deep, dark and personal items they carry with them everyday, has been a staple of Us Weekly’s for as long as we can remember. And so, as we were researching the most unexpected, unusual and surprising items A-listers keep in their bags, the series was the first place we looked. And so, what are the most WTF items celebrities carry in their bags? Ahead, are our results, from a shark’s tooth to stuffed mice.

Lana Condor: A Small Gnome

It may sound strange that Condor carries a small gnome in her purse, but she said that the mini figurine actually has sentimental value, which is why it always has a place in her bag. “I have a little yellow gnome,” Condor told Us Weekly in 2019. “My parents gave it to me in kindergarten because I believed in fairies and all that mystical stuff, so it reminds me of my family.”

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Busy Philipps: Slime

As a mom to two children, daughters Birdie and Cricket, it makes sense that Philipps keeps all kinds of random stuff in her bag. One such item is some slime her 10-year-old daughter Birdie is especially fond of. “Birdie is getting so big now, she’s not into toys. But slime is really big for her. The kids are really into it now—no signs of slowing down,” she told Us Weekly in 2018.

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Miranda Kerr: A Radiation Blocker

As the founder of the natural skin-care brand, Kora Organics, Kerr is all about wellness, so it should come as no surprise that she has something that blocks radiation in her bag. “There’s a thing I put on my phone, Tilys Biotech, that’s supposed to help with radiation,” she told Us Weekly in 2019. You can put this sticker on to help with the electromagnetic fields.”

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Shanina Shaik: Someone Else’s Old Passport

It’s not out of the ordinary that Shaik keeps a passport in her bag, until we learn that it’s not hers. Don’t be alarmed, though, it’s to remind her of her husband, DJ Ruckus. “I carry an old passport photo of my husband. I also have the first card that he gave me when he sent me flowers,” she told Us Weekly in 2018.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Meghan Trainor: Poo-Pourri

Everyone could use some Poo-Pourri in their lives, so Trainor took fans by surprise when she was so honest about keeping the product in her bag at all times. “I bring my Poo-Pourri. everywhere. It should be in every household,” she told Us Weekly in 2018.

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Ronda Rousey: A Shark’s Tooth

Rousey is a certified badass, so it really doesn’t surprise us that she has as a shark’s tooth in her bag from when she swam with sharks. “I have a bull shark tooth from when I did [Discovery’s] Uncaged special for Shark Week that I keep in my wallet,” Rousey told Us Weekly in 2018.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Katie Steven: An Expired Hotel Key

Stevens has an expired hotel key in her bag, but it has a sentimental meaning. The hotel key was from the vacation where she and her fiance, Paul DiGiovanni, got engaged in 2018. She also has a card for her support animal, and a voter’s registration card. “My [Goldendoodle Winnie] is an emotional support animal, so I carry that card — also, a key to the hotel where I got engaged and my voter registration card,” she told Us Weekly in 2018.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Olivia Holt: Ketchup

When she needs America’s favorite condiment, Holt has ketchup on hand. “I am ketchup conscious, so I do carry ketchup around with me. The best one is the Heinz Organic Ketchup,” she told Us Weekly in 2018.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Camilla Luddington: A Rubber Duck

Why does Luddington have a rubber duck in her bag, you ask? Well, the Grey’s Anatomy star used it in 2018 when her daughter, Hayden, was teething. “My daughter loves to chew on rubbery bath toys, so I have a tiny rubber ducky in my bag. She teethes on those,” she told Us Weekly in 2018.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Anna Faris: Sweatpants

Faris knows about the importance of comfort, so to be prepared, she always carries a pair of sweatpants with her, which come in handy especially on planes. “When I get on a plane, I’ll change into sweatpants. So I’ll carry some black ones. I try to do a one color idea,” she told Us Weekly in 2018.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Hannah Simone: Stuffed Mice

It might sound alarming that Simone carries stuffed mice with her, but she has a good explanation. The New Girl star keeps them for her cat. “There are a bunch of tiny stuffed mice in my bag because anytime I walk by a cat toy, I have to buy it for my cat. So, it looks like I have a family of mice in there,” she told Us Weekly in 2018.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Francia Raisa: An Expired Lottery Ticket

Raisa has a good explanation for why she has an expired lottery ticket in her bag. The ticket reminds her to never give away her worth to anyone. “I carry a Mega Millions lottery ticket that my makeup artist on set gave me. I was going through a tough time dating and she said, ‘Honey, if you won $10 million, would you give it to your boyfriend just because you love him?’ I said no. She said, ‘Then why are you giving him you?’” she told Us Weekly in 2018.

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Tyra Banks: Sesame Seeds

Banks has zero tolerance for under-seasoned, which is why she carries sesame seeds and salt in her bag for when the seasonings come in handy. “I go to this burger joint, but they don’t season their meat enough. I put seasoning salt with sesame seeds in a plastic bag and bring it to the restaurant to put a little on it,” she told Us Weekly in 2018.

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Laverne Cox: Hummus

When it comes to snacks, granola and protein bars are old news. Cox carries hummus in her purse as a pick-me-up in between meals. “I’m obsessed with this cilantro jalapeño hummus from Trader Joe’s that my manager got me. You dip some apples in that and it will change your life!” she told Us Weekly in 2016.

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Kristen Bell: Sea Salt

For Bell, Maldon sea salt is the best kind of salt, which is why she carries it with her purse to flavor any food. (One of her personal favorites is a sprinkle of the salt on top of avocado.) “This makes food taste so much better,” she told Us Weekly in 2017. “I mean, my husband makes fun of me, but my food tastes better. You tell me who the winner is.”

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