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13 Haunting Pop Songs That Will Immediately Get You In The Spooky Spirit

Whether you’re gearing up to throw an epic Halloween bash, or just looking to bump some sinister beats with your friends, the best Halloween songs and perfect playlist are essential when October rolls around. While we love a good classic, (“Monster Mash” is a forever bop), sometimes — it’s fun to shake things up on the dancefloor.  Plus, who said pop music can’t be spooky?

Though they might not be “traditional” Halloween jams–some of our favs like Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera have some hair-raising tunes to get you in a super spooky mood. Songs like “Disturbia” and “Monster” are the perfect bops to set the tone when you want to terrify your friends and loved ones. If you’re also just looking for a playlist to jam out to as you get all dressed up for an epic night out–we’ve certainly got you covered.

While these catchy tunes might not be the most hair-raising tracks of all time, they’re just the right amount of delightfully creepy. So, let the festivities begin! Read on for the best eerie earworms concocted by some of your favorite pop stars. The visuals alone should let you know exactly what you’re getting in to.

1. Kim Petras – “There Will Be Blood”

Kim Petras is the Halloween QUEEN. Not only did she release “There Will Be Blood” in 2019, but she released an entire Halloween-centric EP full of chilling bops. The pop singer dropped Turn Off The Light — an expanded version of her 2018 mini-album of the same name. With tracks like ”Massacre,” and “Bloody Valentine,” Petras has got the whole Halloween ~spirit~ thing down to a science.

2. Sky Ferreira – “Night Time, My Time”

Haunting, dreamy, and husky, Ferreira’s voice could make bubble gum pop sound spooky if she wanted to. As one of the earliest alt-pop stars, anything Ferreira touches turns to gold with a tint of black.

3. Halsey – “Ghost”

A little bit pop, a little bit rock, Halsey’s been making mainstream music with an edge since her 2014 debut and “Ghost,” was one of her earliest tracks. True to its title, the song is a hauntingly good time.

 4. Billie Eilish – “Bad Guy”

Let’s be honest, Eilish’s year-round aesthetic oozes spooky vibes but the alt-pop princess shared her darkest collection of songs with fans in 2019 when she released WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?. The lead single, “Bad Guy,” contained the kind of slithering vocals that make the perfect accompaniment to any Halloween shindig.

 5. Lana Del Rey – “Once Upon A Dream”

Creepy AF, Lana. The always whimsical Lana Del Rey crafted this song for Disney’s Maleficent soundtrack but it’s doom and gloom aura is a far cry from Disney’s usual fairytale magic.

6. Lorde – “Glory and Gore”

“We’re coming for blood,” Lorde promises on “Glory and Gore,” and while the song has nothing to do with Halloween, it’s dark, enchanting lyrics make the perfect addition to any October playlist.

 7. Grimes – “Oblivion”

Joining the likes of Billie Eilish and Halsey in making alt-pop perfection is Grimes — who nailed this bop with devilishly good lyrics and a daringly high-pitched voice that is harrowing and heavenly all at once.

8.  Lady Gaga – “Monster”

Mother Monster for the win! Pop’s fiercest queen and self-proclaimed enigma churns out dark park anthems like no one else. “Monster,” is one of her eeriest tunes to date and a must-listen for those who want to get their groove on this Halloween season.

9. Ava Max – “Sweet But Psycho”

From the blood-curdling scream at the beginning of “Sweet But Psycho” to Max’s lyrics about a nightmare relationship, this infectious pop song is ultra relatable for anyone in a haunting romance of their own.

10. Christina Aguilera – “Haunted Heart”

“Haunted Heart” is Aguilera’s contribution to the 2019 Addams Family film soundtrack and it. is. everything. Who knew spooky could be so seductive?

 11. Rihanna – “Disturbia”

 Bad gal Riri absolutely nailed the Halloween season vibes with this bop. Riri has always been one of the fiercest females in pop, but she definitely kicked her good-girl image to the curb with this sinister track.

12. Kesha – “Cannibal”

“I eat boys up, breakfast and lunch,” Kesha sings on this dark track that became a cult classic for her fans. Few things come to mind that are more frightening than the thought of cannibalism, so Kesha definitely earned herself a spot on this list.

 13. Michael Jackson – “Thriller”

Who doesn’t love a classic? The king of pop will forever be the Halloween king thanks to his chart-topping 1982 smash “Thriller,” which received an iconic zombie-themed music video to match. It’s pretty much illegal to let Halloween go by without taking a listen to this tune.



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