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11 Migraine Relief Products I Can’t Live Without

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Migraines, a complex neurological condition that affects millions worldwide, extend far beyond a typical headache. For those who experience them, migraines can be debilitating, with symptoms that often disrupt daily life, limit productivity and hinder overall well-being. I’m one of the more than 10 percent of people worldwide who suffer from migraine symptoms. And when the condition is chronic, like mine, you’re constantly looking for the best migraine relief products to buy online. Luckily, I’ve found some items that really help.

Of course, it’s unlikely any product you buy on Amazon is going to cure your migraine. I have an arsenal of medications from my doctor to help me manage attacks and I wouldn’t survive without them. But like other painful conditions, there’s something to be said for a soothing treatment or calming smell that aids in your overall well-being. Because it’s not just about taking medication OR using an ice pack. Instead, it’s a combined approach.

So, along with my prescription meds, these are the TK things I’ve found to make a difference in my pain and stress levels. Hopefully, you will, too.

migraine relief products


WellPatch Migraine Cooling Headache Pads-4ct

It’s rare I don’t have one of these cooling patches on my head when I’m at home. They get very cool and feel like they suck the heat out of my painful forehead. You could stick one on your neck, too. Note: BeKOOOL Migraine Gel Sheets are just as good.

migraine relief products

Skin Gym.

Skin Gym IceCoolie Roller

A face roller really won’t do much to your face in terms of anti-aging (like some claim) but an ice roller feels really great when your face is burning up. I like to rub it it all over my forehead and sore jaw.


migraine relief products


Casper Essential Cooling Pillow

There isn’t one pillow that will feel comfortable and stave off headaches. It really depends on your body. Some like a more contoured pillow but I like one that supports any position I’m sleeping in and bounces back quickly. This one is also cooling.

migraine relief products


Gimme 10 Foam Roller

Muscle tension can lead to all types of headaches, even migraines. You’ll see a lot of self-massagers on this list because I’m always looking for head and neck pain relief. A foam roller is perfect for stretching out your back, arms and chest — and for doing those PT exercises you’re supposed to do.

migraine relief products


TheraICE Form Fitting Gel Ice Headache Relief Hat

When a cooling patch just won’t cut it, it’s headache hat time. This soft gel one has 360-degree cooling all the way down past your eyes. It also provides some pain-relieving compression.

migraine relief products


ComfiTECH Migraine Relief Cap & Neck Ice Pack

If your neck and upper back are affected during migraine attacks, this cooling set allows you to treat both the cervical area and your head at the same time.

migraine relief products

Maple Holistics.

Maple Holistics Store Peppermint Essential Oil Roll On

Essential oils are very personal. Some might trigger an attack while others might calm your senses. I like peppermint oil because it actually has a cooling effect that calms down muscle contractions while also stimulating blood flow to the area. Plus, a few sniffs sometimes help my nausea.

theragun eye mask 11 Migraine Relief Products I Cant Live Without


Therabody SmartGoggles

When you’re having a migraine attack, shielding your eyes from the light is usually step one in getting some relief. But this isn’t just an eye mask. It also provides vibration, heat and/or massage to the often painful eye area. I don’t have one but my editor friend and fellow migraine sufferer Sara Spruch-Feiner does and now I need one, too.

migraine relief products


The Allay Lamp

Sara also has this soothing green light that was developed by a Harvard Medical School neuroscientist. If you suffer from light sensitivity but don’t want to stay in the dark all day and night, it’s a game-changer.

migraine relief products


Pivotal Therapy Occipivot

I’m not going to lie to you — this thing can hurt. But laying with it against the base of my skull for just a few minutes every day really gives me relief. It reaches pressure points and tight muscles I wouldn’t be able to release without the help of a massage therapist. If you have any head, neck or TMJ pain, you need this thing. Just start slowly.

migraine relief products


Cove Beam

I use Cove to get my migraine medication. It’s a telehealth service that connects you with real doctors. In addition to medication, Cove has supplements that can help migraine sufferers, such as Beam. The citrus powder contains magnesium, riboflavin and CoQ10, which have been shown to help prevent migraine attacks.

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